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Questions on e-Earth Energy Wellness Systems

Bathe in pure thriving energy. Reduce stress, fortify your body and align yourself to pure holistic wellness.

Trust over 20 years of advanced German manufacturing along with Eileen’s 8+ years of therapeutic expertise from clinic and home use.

This German-designed, FDA registered system was originally built to restore and normalize immune system and overall body function. It includes special ‘organ clock’ technology to re-sync your body clock and support optimal function. (See 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the Body Clock.on web-site)

Customer Comments:

-De-stressed, energized and focused most of the day.

-Sleep improved.

-Pain relief.

-My animals love it.

-Relief from wifi and 5G ill effects.

Are you ready for your 8-minutes/day?


**PEMF is also listed as a recommended preventative and curative therapy on the American Cancer Institute web-site.

(30 minutes)