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Realign with a Body Clock PEMF Wellness System


An exciting breakthrough in modern medicine!

Over the last 8 years, I’ve loved using the Body Clock PEMF Wellness System for myself, in my practice, and sell it to end users and clinics as a certified energy medicine distributor.

A German scientist designed this almost 20 years ago to cure his Cancer. He incorporated this eastern philosophy of a Body Clock, biorhythm, circadian rhythm, organ clock system into this PEMF technology. He continues to design new systems and designed the world’s first portable PEMF System operated with it own Android Tablet!

PEMF is listed as a recommended therapy on the American Cancer Institutes web-site.

One of my reps asked me how I use it. I told her,
“*After a morning session, I love how refreshed I feel, and don’t need coffee.
*I use it as a preventative for genetic predispositions.
*I use it to mitigate the harmful effects of wifi, cell exposure.
*I use it to naturally gain energy and feel great in minutes.
*I use it to help reset if I can’t get to sleep.
*I let my family and friends use it.
*I use it to help all types of pet and horse injuries and issues.
*I often use it before exercise to gain flexibility and reduce injury.
*I often use it after golf for recovery and pain relief.
*I use it to speed heal my injuries.
*I use it after work when I need to be energetic for the evening.
*I use it if I wake up groggy and to relieve foggy brain.
*I use it after eating stomach or body offending food or drink.”

As I look at this, I really use it as a lifestyle tool to feel great and up to the task every day and night. I don’t recall the last time I had a cold or felt sick.


How about you? Are you ready for 8-minutes/day to change your life?

(30 minutes)